Robotic Knee Replacement


From standing to walking to supporting your body in an upright position are a few of the functions that Keen performs in our life. But as we grow old, we start experiencing pain, often caused by osteoarthritis. To get relief from this deadly pain knee surgery is the only option. One may also have to undergo knee replacement surgery if you have encountered any injury. The knee replacement process is critical and needs a greater degree of precision.

To further assists the surgeons, Robots are used to perform the operations. It is known as Robotic Knee surgery or Robotic Knee Replacement in Navi Mumbai. There are various benefits of Robotic Knee Surgery over traditional knee surgery. To name a few

  • It has better success rates
  • The recovery time of the patients is also less.
  • Robotic surgery is less invasive than a conventional knee replacement.
  • It has smaller incisions and causes less disturbance to surrounding bones.
  • It causes less pain to the patients.

Last but not least it is more precise.

So, what exactly is Robotic Surgery?

Robotic Surgery is one of the latest development in the field of medical sciences. It is precise and used for achieving high success rates. There is a common misconception that robotic surgeries are performed by robots.

This is wrong, the surgery will only be performed by the surgeon. Only the way of operation will be different. Instead of performing the surgery by their hand, the surgeon will take the help of a robotic arm. He will manipulate the instrument, and move it precisely within your body. In the bottom line, the surgeon will be in control of these robotic arms all the time. Before the surgery, a 3D model of the patient’s knee is made with the help of a CT scan.

Types of Robotic arms used for Robotics Surgery

Mako Robotic Arm: This robotic arm is exclusively developed to assist orthopedic surgeons. This system has made the entire process easy and affordable.


Cuvis Robotic Arm: Cuvis Robotic Arm is the world’s most advanced automated Robotic Joint Replacement Surgery in Mumbai. It is a third-generation Automated Robotic Arm Joint replacement system and was launched by then the Chief Minister Sri Devendra Fadnavis.


It is infact the world’s only fully automated robotic joint replacement system. Cuvis robotic arms give the best result when combined with golden knee implants.

Who is the best candidate for the Robotic Knee Replacement Surgery

  • If you are experiencing any of the following problems then you are good to go with the robotic knee surgery in Mumbai
  • Progressive knee osteoarthritis.
  • Problem while getting up from sitting position.
  • Knee stiffness.
  • Having joint pain has limited your movement.
  • No proper response from non-surgical treatments.

Is robotic Knee replacement surgery better?

Absolutely Yes, robotic knee surgery is far superior to traditional knee replacement surgery. As it gives better results when compared to the traditional methods. The robotic system uses some of the latest technology available in the market. That makes this system more accurate and precise. There are various best knee replacement surgeon in Navi Mumbai.

Better Planning, Simulation and Precise Insertion of Artificial Joint

Personalised pre-planning

Patient’s joints 3D CT images are used by the doctor for pre-planning of the surgery personalized to the patient.

Pre-selection and precise insertion of artificial joint

The doctor uses the robot to select an artificial joint for the patient and insert it accurately.

Precise cutting for accuracy and optimum alignment

Robot reviews the data and cuts the bone precisely with respect to the dimensions of the implant decided during pre-surgery planning stage.

Comprehensive Pre-Operative Plan and Precise Surgery

The advantages of the Cuvis Joint system were mainly attributed to its comprehensive pre-operative plan, intra-operative monitoring, patient specific and appropriate intervention by surgeons.

The precision of Cuvis Joint Robot system surgery allows for:

  • More accurate implant placement results in a more natural feeling after surgery.
  • Reduced risk of injury to adjacent tissues results in improved safety and reduced risk of infection
  • Lower blood loss and smaller incisions, help in quicker recovery and less pain.
  • Early Rehabilitation, decreased admission time and early discharge from Hospital.
  • The potential for better long-term function
  • Better implant survivorship and longevity
  • Improved Quality of life