Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgeon in Navi Mumbai

A Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgeon in Navi Mumbai is a medical professional who specializes in the treatment of disorders and injuries in the musculoskeletal system. Knee Arthroscopy surgeons in Navi Mumbai treat conditions such as arthritis, fractures, joint replacements, and sports injuries.

Why Is Shoulder Arthroscopy Done?

Shoulder arthroscopy helps healthcare providers find and treat shoulder pain that has not responded to nonsurgical treatments. Nonsurgical treatments for shoulder pain include physical therapy, medication, injections and rest.

Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgeon in Navi Mumbai

What Is Shoulder Arthroscopy?

Shoulder arthroscopy which is done by a Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgeon in Navi Mumbai is a minimally invasive surgical procedure used to treat a variety of shoulder conditions. The procedure is performed using a small camera, called an arthroscope, which is inserted into the shoulder joint through a small incision. This allows the surgeon to visualize the inside of the joint and repair any damage that is present.

Shoulder arthroscopy is often used to treat rotator cuff tears, shoulder impingement, and labral tears. It can also be used to remove bone spurs or other debris from the joint. In some cases, shoulder arthroscopy can be used as a diagnostic tool to determine the cause of shoulder pain.

What Are The Benefits Of Shoulder Arthroscopy?

During knee arthroscopy, the Shoulder Arthroscopy Surgeon in Navi Mumbai will make very small incisions around your shoulder joint and insert a tiny camera, called an arthroscope. The arthroscope allows your surgeon to see inside your joint and perform the necessary repairs.

Shoulder arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that can be used to treat a number of shoulder conditions. Some of the benefits of shoulder arthroscopy include:

– Reduced pain and discomfort: Shoulder arthroscopy is a less invasive procedure than traditional open shoulder surgery, which means there is less pain and discomfort associated with the surgery.

– Faster recovery time: Because shoulder arthroscopy is less invasive, patients typically recover from surgery more quickly than they do from traditional open shoulder surgery.

– Reduced risk of complications: Shoulder arthroscopy is associated with a lower risk of complications than traditional open shoulder surgery.

Risks Of Shoulder Arthroscopy Are:

Shoulder arthroscopy is generally very safe. There are small risks that you may experience:

  • Blood clots.
  • Damage to blood vessels or nerves.
  • Excessive bleeding or swelling.
  • Infection.

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What conditions can be treated with shoulder arthroscopy?

Shoulder arthroscopy can treat a range of shoulder issues, including rotator cuff tears, labral tears, shoulder impingement, shoulder instability, bursitis, arthritis, and some cases of frozen shoulder.

How long is the recovery period after shoulder arthroscopy?

Recovery times can vary, but most patients can expect to wear a sling for a few days to weeks. They may need physical therapy for several weeks or months to regain strength and range of motion in the shoulder.

Can all shoulder conditions be treated with arthroscopy?

While arthroscopy is effective for many shoulder issues, some complex cases may require traditional open surgery for optimal treatment.

Is shoulder arthroscopy a major surgery?

No, shoulder arthroscopy is considered a minimally invasive procedure. It requires only small incisions, resulting in less tissue damage and a shorter recovery period compared to traditional open surgeries.